Checklist for Preparing Your Income Tax Return

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This list is not necessarily complete, but should cover most of the needed information

  • A copy of last year’s return
  • Birthdays of individuals on return.
  • Social Securitv 1099 forms
  • Pension 1099 forms
  • Dividend and Interest 1099s
  • This includes Bank and Brokerage 1099s
  • Any W-2’s or lO99Misc forms
  • Medical expenses
  • – Premiums
  • – Long Term Premiums
  • – Nursing Home Costs
  • – Doctor Bills
  • – Dentist Bills
  • – Eyecare expense

Remember that you are including only that expense not reimbursed by an insurance carrier. You actually paid this out and received no reimbursement back

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • State Income Taxes (You should include the refund amount from last year if you received one) Estimate payments for Federal and State income Taxes
  • State Sales Tax (This is good for 2008 and 2009 and only on major items.)
  • Charitable contributions both in cash and items donated.
  • Detail on the items donated should include the charity and the dates donated as well as how many bags or boxes donated.
  • Investment and legal expenses paid
  • Tax preparation fees

If you had securities from brokers and sold any items, a copy of the broker statement (Year end report)

This will get a start on the preparation process and we will call if there are any questions.

Call us if you have any questions about this form.
Timothy T. Fullerton, Sr.