About FTP

What we do….

Fullerton Tax & Planning and A & F Financial Services were formed over 8 years ago to provide Tax Services and Bookkeeping to….

  • Individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Foundations
  • Corporations
  • Employee benefit accounts.

Our services cover

Taxes including Payroll, Business, Sales, and Income

Assisting with Rollover IRAs including existing IRAs or distributions from 401 403 or Pension Plans.

Estate Administration including retitling assets, consolidation of assets, calculation of taxes due.

Profit Sharing Accounts including administration, participant advising, retirement assistance, review of proposals, review of funds used, etc,

Real Estate including 1031 Exchange Trust administration, review of sales in progress, research of properties for purchase, calculation of current market value on existing properties.

Insurance including reviewing current medical plans, tax deferred plans, life insurance plans, long term care policies, etc.

Foundation and Charitable projects that exist or new projects including monitoring and evaluating services rendered.


Accounting including small business bookkeeping, project accounting, year end review of performance, second opinion evaluation on existing plans.

If you see a place in business or personal affairs for our services, call us, e-mail us, or fax us. Our clients consist of businesses and individuals in several locations, including Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and naturally, Illinois, our home base.

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Timothy T. Fullerton, Sr.