Disclaimer and Compliance……

is a disclaimer regarding the activities and information provided in past months by Fullerton Tax & Planning.

Currently, the website for Fullerton Tax & Planning is under the scrutiny of the Securities Exchange Commission. Though few hits have been recorded to that site, the content of the news is being reviewed for its marketing content and accuracy of material.

To that extent, this is to inform you that Fullerton Tax & Planning will continue to host a website, however, the news to anyone who is a newsletter recipient will be of general financial planning nature. Any specific information regarding individual plans and clients is and will continue to be exclusive between client and Fullerton Tax & Planning.

In the future, we will not publish general or specific calculations on Bond, Stocks, Certificates of Deposit, Brokerage accounts, etc. We will not issue statements regarding total returns, actual returns, specific stock or bond fund total returns, etc. If an inquiry is made as to the actual or stated return of mutual funds, stocks, bonds or certificates of deposits, the individual will be forwarded to the appropriate site that publishes those numbers on an ongoing basis. Such as CBSMarketwatch, Big Charts, S&P, Fidelity, etc.

Furthermore, I am issuing this letter to each “Snail Mail” client as well as to all E-Mail recipients concerning the Newsletters of December, 2002 and January, 2003. Any reference to total returns in those two letters was meant to be in general scope and information only, and was not intended to imply that I or any one specific individual was responsible for or caused specific accounts to actually incur the total returns published.
The returns were a composite of several clients who had similarities in their approach to Banking, Brokerage, and money market accounts. There was no intent to make a promise that you could make those returns with Fullerton Tax & Planning or any other specific Bank or Brokerage, or Insurance Agency.

Daily, we are inundated by E-Mail spam that promises such thousands of percent returns on our money and to that end, Fullerton Tax & Planning will not be a contributor to what is construed to be junk E-Mail that advertises great returns for your investments. We offer planning for your present and future based on current market conditions, current tax pictures, current needs analysis. We offer no products, no commission products, no annuities, etc. We will direct clients to those individuals or institutions that are licensed and capable of offering the appropriate services being requested.
If you have any questions concerning this letter, please contact me.

Timothy T. Fullerton, Sr.