December 2021

Posted on December 24th, 2021 | By Timothy Fullerton, Sr. | Tags: Newsletter h

Tis the season….

We are celebrating the end of another year.  With Christmas upon us and New Year’s around the corner, looking back for the complete year there are s0 many events to view.  It has been a year of denial, slow progress and many upsets over health issues.

For those who do not remember Polio, Small Pox and Measles, you have to be included in the non believer column.  Yet it was because your older generation’s belief in those cures and remedies that you are here today.

We of the older set remember wondering how our parents in their later years got to be so wise.  Now we know.  They survived so much more than we have been exposed to today.  So far.

As you enjoy the company of friends and family at this time of the year, thank our first responders, regardless of their beliefs, for getting so many people through the past two years.  Thank our government for giving us, despite their handling of the situation, a year end with no wars with Americans in them.   So with that, we wish those who recognize the holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy St. Nickolas, Merry Christmas!  It is more about the time of year as much as the actual event days.  There is something in the air that says, Peace, good will to all men.  Stay Safe, respect the science, and if you are not vaccinated because of your health issues, may you make it to another holiday season of 2022.