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January Newsletter

Market versus Government

Lately the news has been focused on when the Federal Reserve will begin the “Taper” (Buying less bonds from the market) Sprinkled in the mix has been good reports on the overall economy. Granted there have been pockets of bad company reports, but generally the trends have been up.

The latest reports indicate that the economy has finally found its footing. Overall employment increases, actual unemployment drops and positive earnings all look up going forward. Even the end of the Federal… Read more

July Newsletter

Happy 4th of July,

Do you remember that childhood routine between two siblings? The conversation goes, “I didn’t do it, you did it. No, I didn’t do it, you did it.” This goes on until the adults in the room stop the useless and senseless exercise. Now, fast forward to today. As we watch the adult version of this senseless act in Congress and the Senate, the Supreme Court stepped in and corrected the “children” who can not stop this petty exercise… Read more